The Simple Equation to Lasting Beauty

“Diet is 70 percent of what your body looks like.”

This is my IPad home screen.  Thought I'd share it. It's not mine; got it from FB or Pinterest but it's effective.

This is my IPad home screen. Thought I’d share it. It’s not mine; got it from FB or Pinterest but it’s effective.

Having been working very consciously to refocus my health priorities due to my gluten intolerance and the whole Paleo lifestyle thing, I’ve come to this horrible conclusion that if I don’t step up my game, the thigh problem will get worse.

Thinking about this, I found out Victoria Secret model, Doutzen Kroes, has a very realistic view on health and beauty and I want to share it. Here’s the encouraging article .

Model Doutzen Kroes. Photo credit, click link.

This line between the two, health and beauty, is deeply blurred in American culture. Young girls and grown women are somehow under the impression that beauty is created by thinness when beauty is created by true health. And, if you know a damn thing about health, it guarantees a thinner figure, especially when you exercise. True health by default also must include mindfulness as part of the balancing act and that’s a priceless benefit.

True beauty’s equation is simple: Eat right + exercise = health.  I love that Kroes acknowledges and advocates the fact that natural beauty takes a great deal of awareness, effort and commitment (I mean, her parents were both Olympic speed skaters so what a team of role models!) and doesn’t come out with this ridiculous bullshit of “Oh, I eat whatever I want.  I have a really fast metabolism”.  You get me, right?

Oh yes, let me not forget this quote of truth as well by Kroes:

“I feel I’m such a big part of that insecurity that some girls might have because of my job, that girls think they have to be that picture,” she said. “And even boys, they think that picture exists, and it’s so frustrating because I don’t look like that picture — I wake up not looking like that picture.”

Exactly.  That picture (any commercial photo of a model) is illusionary beauty  created by the camera, Photoshop and fantastic hair dressers, make up artists, stylists and damn good photographers.  No, these girls do NOT wake up looking like that and sometimes I wonder if the popular media has convinced boys and girls that these forms of beauty truly exist.  Well, they DO exist but usually via a misguided or misunderstood slant.

Here in Wiesbaden I see young women ALL the time trying to look like hip and “sexy” magazine ads and I can assure you that the whore fuck me heels make you look just like a whore in fuck me heels.  On runway, in magazines, in photography, this just isn’t the case.  It’s most likely because of the reasons listed above: illusionary beauty is created by the camera, Photoshop and fantastic hair dressers, make up artists, stylists and damn good photographers.  Most women can’t pull off the fantasy fed by media in the reality of daily life.  It’s frustrating, I know.  But, when a woman refers herself to the first quote on top of this post and the simple beauty formula, it won’t be so frustrating because health will be the focus, beauty the result rather than beauty the focus and whore fuck me heels the result. (I realize this is more complex but really, this is a blog and the topic needs a book)

No one really cares about your thighs but you.  Guys want to get in-between them and girls are too busy worried about their thighs to really notice yours.  And if you have cellulite, good.  Be real, because your only other choices are to be fake or to be insecure. Or work on those squats and build muscle. Plastic surgery is NOT an option for cellulite. That’s called lazy.

NL_boudoirIt is easy to fool the public with beauty propaganda which rests on capitalistic gains. Don’t be fooled. I’ve made many sexy goddesses out of Plain Jane girls, and that’s just being a damn good photographer with a good make up artist at my side.  If I had a team like these Victoria Secret professionals, pffff: no sweat.  :)

Eat well today!

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