Photos: Luxembourg Postcards

When I said I went to France with my daughter, I didn’t mention we went to Luxembourg too.  Another country on the map pinned!

I didn’t mention it because truthfully, it was the low point of the travel.  The weather was colder and wetter than expected.  As part of our travel group tour, we visited Luxembourg City’s casemates originally built by the Spaniards in 1644. The tour involved a 400 step staircase down into the caverns that were once part of World War 2 history.  I’m not a history buff, unfortunately, so between the wetness of the caves and the uneven turf and terrain, and my achy knees, and  drippy cavern walls, I didn’t hear much of the tour guides words about it.  You can get a general sense of Luxembourg City’s history here.  I enjoyed what the city had to offer above ground to be honest much more than what’s underneath but were there only a few hours all together so we didn’t get to enjoy all that the city probably had to offer.  The taste was good enough.

The best part was my daughter and I had a nice lunch downtown and had the opportunity to experience a new place together.  I was happy to have found sun in Metz, France though and finally rid the rains of Luxembourg.  However, when looking at the few photos we managed in our short time there, Luxembourg City had worthy sights I’d like to share in the below postcards.  Click to enlarge, print on stock paper and send. ;)

The next set of photos from my travels will be Metz, France.














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