New Art: Audrey

Ta-da! Here’s “Audrey”….


“Audrey”, pastel on paper, 18×24 inches

The inspiration for this piece came from some magazine clipping I found while cleaning up my art studio…you know, being it’s been dormant for a few months. I have a zillion billion tear-sheets from magazines I’ve torn up since my teen years. Clearly I can’t produce a zillion billion works of art in one lifetime so tear-sheet competition is high. Choice can be overwhelming.

There was a time I couldn’t choose. I’d just get so overwhelmed by so many photos I felt inspired by that in the end I’d lose my artistic flow and produce nothing. I’ve learned -or better to say I practice – just picking the first thing that grabs my attention and starting. Just begin and the flow comes on its own.

“Audrey” is the best pastel work I’ve produced. Normally my pastel faces are flatter but this one really called for more dimension in the light and shadow department and I wanted to take a stab at upping the realism factor. I’m going to play with that some more in future work.

Hope you like this piece. “Audrey” is 18×24 inches (45.7x61cm) in size, done with soft pastels on Strathmore drawing paper (medium surface which is, for me, a good pastel paper since i don’t like the results more textured pastel papers offer) and she was a total joy to create. Contact me if you’re interested in taking her home. :) Click here to view her in stages of development.

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