Health: repeat, repeat, repeat

I had a dream on several occasions the past week where a voice kept reminding me I had a blog to attend to. I hadn’t realized I’ve not written in a month! Okay. Okay. Hint taken. :)

I took some time out to heal soulfully and research intellectually while I built the courage to make that lifestyle and nutrition jump to paleo/primal eating I discussed in my previous blog post.

April 1st I ended up in the ER for abdominal pain. It turned out that the doctor believed I was having food sensitivities or allergies and recommended another doctor.

Courage and I joined in marriage right then and there: I’m committed.

I’ve experienced a dramatic improvement to my hypothyroid symptoms since I began to eat as paleo conscious as possible (April 1st- no fooling). My mood, energy level and appetite have improved. My fatigue and body aches have subsided and I feel mental clarity more each day.

I wouldn’t have fully believed it were it not for just trying it but eliminating all grains, legumes, 95% dairy and sugar (some things need more time to break from), nuts as I’m allergic to them now and all trans fats and veg oils has made me feel fantastic.

Now, spring has officially begun – birds are chirping, leaves unfolding, flowers blooming – and this could throw some question to the paleo claim but I’m convinced this way of eating is helping me. If I get better, then super! If I get worse, I’ll see a doctor. 18 days in and I’m better each day so only time will tell.

For now I’m still healing, researching, meditating, and now I’m spending time cooking again with a new passion for the kitchen and food. This has only upped my disposition and I can feel the warmth on my face for good things to come. I look forward to sharing them as they develop…


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