INSPIRATION: Life, Bora Bora, Music and Outer Space


I’m dealing with serious homesickness.  Bad.  Huge.  I want out of cold places, and not just for vacation time.  I want to move, relocate, go back to the tropics and throw on a bikini, some coconut smelling oil on my skin and feel the hot sand between my toes and salty water on my face… and remember why life is more than this European adventure, office hours, working for money or dealing with petty crap that from larger persepctives gets lost in the view.  I’m itching to get out of the gloom.

Anybody got a pair of wings?  Airline tickets?  I’ll take a hot air balloon!

Yeah, okay so you don’t have any of those things for me… so here’s a little relaxation, sun and music video Bora Bora style as this is what’s keeping me momentarily centered and maybe you’ll enjoy it too:  (update June 2013: Video no longer available due to rights concerns.  Damn shame for more reasons than I care to express. I’ll try to find something similar and post it here)

ALSO, here’s a video that’ll make you want to not only get out of the office but perhaps rethink the value of life.  Take a trip into space and see our beautiful Earth the way astronauts (lucky) get to see.  It’s truly marvelous and worth the 18 minutes.  Very powerful, beautiful and inspiring:

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