Philosophy: Discipline and the sex drive

Did you hear about the 9 year old girl who gave birth in Mexico? Crazy and so unfortunate.

I can’t help but go back to sexual philosophy as it triggers that part of my mind… and society and the absolute power the sexual drive has over people while various institutions try to mold and control it, make it into something which appeases their own fears. In the Mexico case the perpetrator is suspected of being a 17 year old, hardly an age where self control sits. For these young men (boys, really, in my mind), a penis is the disco stick while sex is the John Travolta moves. So, I wonder why this is so, this lacking self control when it comes to sex for many people because it’s not just a young male problem.

Discipline is the mighty key to pretty much everything. Of course, this is also among the hardest to practice and everyone reading this, as me, is equal enough in the sense that we struggle with some kind of discipline in our lives. Society makes sex complicated because it is so attached to the man-made morality created by religious teachings.

If you control the sexuality of another, you control their very core. We are sexual beings first and foremost. We are not born to live to learn lessons or to appease God. We are here to reproduce, evolve. Everything else just gives us purpose for our purposelessness. The cause which brings us purpose becomes our loyalty and so we create meaning where there was only potential at its essential form.

Going back to 9 year old mothers… remember too that centuries ago it was acceptable to rape a teen girl and impregnate her and claim her as wife property. In our day and age we understand its ill-effects and so we’ve evolved through the very nature of our humanity, our progression and the lessons learned along the way so we can make them better (hopefully) for future generations. So in essence, we’ve done exactly what we needed to do: reproduce and evolve (cliff notes). Everything else is a time filler (novel).

Morality is complex. Love is complex. Sex is not. It is very sad children must deal with any horrors but let’s not forget about the many 13-20-something year old girls in all sectors of culture, social and economic status who get knocked up and made to give life in exchange for theirs. We might as well throw the girls into the volcano, yet we find ways to cope, to accept and even to justify such action because after all, we create worship in the very potential of giving new life a chance even if the sacrifice is depriving females healthier, more sound options.

The sexual drive is incredibly strong. You know this. The only force that can stop it is discipline.  The more aware we become of our conscious mind, the more potential there is at becoming disciplined and then we create self control. We often react to another’s lack of it; however, self-control is a gift. If you didn’t get that gift, you have to work for it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

However, the good news is that the best solutions begin with the self. You have to know your weakness in order to create a strength instead, or the weakness becomes the standard. As a humanity our greatest weakness is a standard lower than what can in reality be achieved because humanity in general lacks its own self-control. But, as long as we practice various methods to discipline intentionally, consciously and authentically, we will get there and evolve.

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