Lifestyle: A dose of perfection

Photo: Inspirations

Today I had the pleasure of spending time with my bff. After two glasses of wine we had to have coffee and dessert to walk straight. It doesn’t take much these days. She had been pregnant the last 9 months and I don’t drink but only socially. Kids minimize my social status.

My friend and I spent a beautiful time together. She’s kind of like that classic type of friend, you know those which never go out of style, never truly leave, never disappear; always there to depend on. Friends like that are very hard to find. Today I feely deeply fortunate: great lunch with a great person AND I found – on first look & try – a pair of amazing classic black high heels comfortable enough to walk in through the city (2 years this took!) AND a pair of amazing Esprit boots for daily wear which I’d been hunting for all season. Voila! I was shoe magnatized!

AND we had blue skies and sun! Gorgeous, gorgeous day. I think I can call today a dose of perfection.

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