Christmas, the morning after

Merry Christmas to all, or if it better applies, Happy Holidays.


Above is the “morning after” photo of my living room. I call it that as our family opens gifts on Christmas Eve and this was the mess I woke up to. I don’t mind Christmas clean up usually as it’s a rather cheery kind of clean up, especially if you had an awesome time.

Unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with many unexpected negativity triggers with this holiday and so the merry part has been rather low. The point of the positive focus on this blog has kept me from writing since a train hit me out of the blue on 12-13-12. Not literally, of course; but, the mental scrapes were real.

Despite this, I did want to come out and sincerely wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. I hope love and happiness fills your packages.

(*to my friend who lost his wife last year, you’ve been in my thoughts since November. Hugs to you)

(**to my friend who decided to disappear while looking for honey in the forest: I hope you find it, sincerely.)

(***to my family and friends, I sent no Christmas cards to anyone tis season. Can we call it equality?)

Much love to you all, and thanks for continuing to read my blog and supporting me in the various ways you do. It often keeps me seeking a positive note to share…

Merry Christmas and safely speaking, Happy New Year. :)

Tatiana von Tauber

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