Lifestyle: Sticking like fresh snow

It’s 2am. My husband went out to photograph Wiesbaden as the fresh snow falls. I had fallen asleep from pure exhaustion – i think – earlier in the evening and of course now I wish I was awake sooner so I could have gone with him…but, then, when I look out the window and crack it open to feel the cold air, I think. Naaaaa. Baby, it’s cold outside!

Aside from this pretty window picture above, I like my job. I was expecting to have walked out by now but the job fits my mind like a glove on a hand – though, not a real expensive one but the job itself directly deals with the military so one can’t expect a superior fit. However, a good fit it is.

In a nutshell I coordinate certain community event scheduling between a crapload of organizations within the military here in Germany. I don’t know about you but for me the concept of “what the f*ck” did arise in terms of my liking the odd path I’ve chosen for this time. What I like about the job most is human interaction in english for five hours a day and being forced to think thoughts so unrelated to my norm that it all feels like… fresh snow.

Blogging has subsided, as has my ability to paint but I’m learning a lot and dusting off cobwebs with my various skills feels rejuvenating to a degree large enough, I’ve committed to stay longer.

… and so it is 2:30 am now and I’m going to try to sleep again before I’m up all night. My time is extra precious now and I would like to put out a quality post soon. :)

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