Lifestyle: Oh look, a knock on the door

I only want to say it is firm that my curiosity has been piqued.  This doesn’t happen nearly as often as I wish it did.

So, I have a job interview today.  The offer came yesterday and brings with it a great deal of personal growth benefits including dusting off skills from my entrepreneurial days waaaay before motherhood took over.

If I was focused on the novel I wouldn’t have considered this, as the offer came in passing via general conversation months ago and I disregarded it as an unwanted opportunity.  BUT, my circumstances have changed the past few months and timing is everything they say.

So, there you have it.  Close one opportunity door and do it authentically with a peaceful heart and boom, another comes on by effortlessly opening to take its place.  Life is like that.

…I’ve also been meditating, doing light yoga and returning to mild workouts as my energy level permits since Nov. 5 after an embarrassingly long hiatus.  The deeper I become connected to the inner silence through either meditation, yoga or a runner’s high, the more I’m like move on, move on, move on.  Renew.  Recreate.  Move forward. Connect to peace.  Return to love (and the gym).

My expat time is coming to its final year.  My deepest intent is to live it to its fullest potential.  I can’t do that at home in the way I’ve been doing.  Since the book idea felt off-balance, we’ll see what this interview brings.

So, I’ll get back to you on this new development.  I might be working rather than blogging or painting in the morning hours.  Hmm…

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