Porn Isn’t Shameful

…Instead I think it represents the silence of not only pornography in a conservative world, but of women in a patriarchal society.


There is no intrinsic shame in the four letter word of porn, as there was no need for the HOA to have made me take down my signage in March during my ART PORN exhibition, which was to be up for only 7 days. The shame of and on porn comes directly from the subjective mind placing a value judgment on four letters with human backed meaning.   Specifically in the American South, some of that meaning comes from faith-backed meaning and hence, we’ve stumped our toe.

It’s important, though, to remember that porn isn’t shameful. Being ashamed of porn is shameful – if shame is to be placed anywhere. It means you can’t look at the most basic act of creation…but you can DO it?  Really think about this.  If you can’t face what you ultimately do to create life and pleasure, is the problem really pornography?

Certainly we can dive deeper into the complexity of porn’s variations such as fetish porn, hardcore, kink and violent porn and so forth but most mainstream porn isn’t too far off the radar of my paintings: reality with a little dose of fantasy. The ART PORN paintings represent the basic sex life of the average heterosexual erotic relationship with a minor, quite average deviances thrown in.  I wasn’t out to push fetishism, homosexuality or shocking imagery to my audience.  This is what everyone else does to their audience. I brought the natural to a conservative locale and let the audience decide their own shock factor.

I was surprised at some reactions to my paintings of what is essentially, pretty normal pornography.  When I say normal, I mean mainsteam for the masses. I know I’m in the Bible Belt. I know. I know. I know.  But the Bible Belt has a libido too. While I had a good visitor turnout, my GA stats went through the roof once I made the paintings available for view online after the show. Through the roof.  Clearly many were interested but unable to make it in person and I’m confident shame or not wanting to be seen going in was part of it. So, if you’re one of those, and you’d like an invitation to privately view the 2016 art work online once it’s complete, sign up here and I’ll give you a backstage pass.

As an artist I’m disturbed that the Bible Belt would be generally offended by my work on the topic of pornography or my choice of the term in my title when I didn’t really offer anything truly offensive in the first place since the term “porn” has gone mainstream anyway and since most of the paintings depict sexual acts people have most likely participated in at one point or another, aside maaaaybe from the couple threesomes.

However, according to Naomi Harris, author and photographer of “America Swings: the secret life of America’s Bible Belt” – a rather eye-opening limited edition Tashen photo essay book-  the various states that make up the Bible Belt have a lot more behind closed doors than you might know about. The sex facade is big.

Interestingly, I feel like both, the Bible Belt community as much as myself, feel muted in specific yet different ways by living in conservative land.  Here’s what it might feel like:

Of course, I can move from Savannah and the south but that’s not happening soon so I’m here to stay for a while and muting isn’t an option. This photo above should represent a sexual fantasy play.  Instead, I think it represents the silence of not only pornography in a conservative world, but of women in a patriarchal society.

Pornography isn’t shameful. Our idea of it has been shamed.  Pornography is your mirror.  The discovery is that you are an animal.  “God” is your consciousness at best.  You just have to separate what you are from the morals, boundaries and perimeters society has placed before you or you will always feel silenced. And just because I say this doesn’t mean I’m free from similar battles but being aware of them and not being them are two different perspectives of the battle.

I use “God” lightly because religion of the usual kind is a waste of my time, maybe not yours. The universal mystery we all can’t agree on a name for, belief or view on that are none of anyone’s business but mine. This is my “monogamous pledge” to me.  Occasionally I let another mind in but it’s rare. Ultimately, my belief in a God or my not belief in a God is my sacred union, “marriage”, commitment between me, myself and I.  It is here faith, trust, and honesty have value of the highest form. It is here I play devotional nun. ;) Besides, in sexuality we do nothing but call “Oh my God!” anyway.  What exactly is the missing link here?!

What better way to get closer to “God” than a good orgasm and the wonderful exchange that comes from an intimate, physical and emotional connection with another Human Being? The fantasies, they’re all for that ultimate purpose, even if the fantasies are standard or unusual.  What they are is unfamiliar and/or erotic but truly, they are the “clothes on the flesh and bones” so that we can expand our sexual consciousness and human understanding.  Otherwise we have nothing but our animal nature to battle with.


When you don’t explore further or go deeper into the sexual mirror, you don’t have as much success discovering the depths of eroticism nor the shallow waters of sex and that’s a shame of a different kind. It holds you back.

I believe that we all have to understand and cope with our dark side before we can decide to return to the light transformed. For some, pornography is their dark side.  They have to see its beauty before pornography’s existence is accepted as a potential positive rather than a fear or a blatant full-out negative as anti-porn propaganda has us believe.

I really don’t know how to express all this in words anymore, which is why I paint now. I try to paint that beauty of porn, and the erotic elements of femininity and masculinity within it.



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Summer Roundup: travel, safe sex, nudity and art (+ 10 great photos!)

Hello everyone!  Summer is setting behind the seasonal horizon with the last days of August upon us.  I spent the month unplugged from wifi except occasional pop ins for business purposes.  Otherwise, I tuned out the noise of social media and reconnected with my soul, Mother Nature and face to face friends and family.

I hate to say it but when you get off of social media, you realize just how addictive and how incredibly time consuming it can be.  Returning to the real world after an influx of the virtual world was refreshing.

In the total of 5 weeks I was off the daily intake of the internet I rediscovered old ways to beat boredom (haha) – bet you forgot that too! – and I found a peace of mind I really don’t get when social media is conveniently on my phone.  To fight the urge I ended up deleting the apps from my phone and with no desktop, voila! This is called social media abstinence and it is 100% effective in keeping you focused on reality! ( what wall claw marks? Where?)

Oh yes, and did I find the pixie dust bag of courage I was looking for?  No.  I didn’t. I had to make that shit up and let me tell you that it’s just pain difficult.  So, the best I managed was to have good holiday and I put my hand on the door knob.  That’s progress.

So, movin’ on, here’s a little summer recap of some things that have inspired me (among other things) with 10 great bonus travel photos of Miami for you to enjoy.  I’m back to painting right after this.

XO, Tatiana


Summer’s Highlight

By far, summer’s highlight was returning to my roots to South Beach and Miami Beach, places from my early childhood that have etched themselves into my soul like a good, nostalgic memory held on to a rich cup of coffee.  Going back into time I realized three things: 1) I’m so fortunate to have evolved beyond where I’ve come from (eyeopener) 2) I love Miami Beach and the Florida coastline 3) I am a nut for open skies and palm trees.  This may not mean much to you but I really want to incorporate my love of tropical elements into my paintings but I just don’t see that happening with the ART PORN theme.  I just can’t tropicalize porn.  No, really, only cheesy male magazines or flicks accomplish this.  Plus, there’s a natural lure to paint the ART PORN collection with red as the background. I will see how it manifests. 

Summer’s Lowpoint 

Get this: The approximately 200+ #artporn condoms left over from the ART PORN show in March were stolen from my house! Yep, by a teen or a group of teens who happened to come to my house with my step-son while a bunch of friends hung out together. Graciously the empty jar (a cookie jar turned condom jar from the show) was put back on the fireplace mantel (where it was discreetly hidden behind some family photo frames – yes, family + condoms equals peace of mind) before these kids walked out of my home, one or more as thieves.  I am sorry to know that the group of people my step-son and his friends hung out with were closet criminals. I can’t decide if that or the theft is worse. Both are terribly disappointing. Of course, someone must know who stole the #artporn condoms and stuffed them into a backpack but for me, it’s still a mystery.  No one saw a thing. Stealing from your friends’ parents makes anyone an asshole. My hope is that whoever took the condoms ensures to use them the next time they’re getting fucked.  That was the point of stealing them, wasn’t it?

To rise up to the low situation, I decided to reorder and replenish the condom jar (the majority I hope, which will be used as promos for the 2016 ART PORN show).  I’m not kidding about this “family + condoms equals peace of mind” thing.  I have two teenagers living under my roof who have friends and we all live in the Bible Belt. I know what I was doing as a teenager and I’m not anglicizing my children or another’s either.  There is no public school sex education here in this Bible Belt community. You bet I’m going to make sure safe sex is an option. 

Dear teens, just don’t get fucking greedy with this pocketing 200+ condoms shit.  Then you loose.  Have fun playing adult when you get caught stealing. Jails like assholes and Karma makes sure it hurts. Don’t be stupid.  One condom per person per week plus an outdoor chore. Nothing is free in life. And take your shoes off in my house or buy your own protection.

On that note, here’s 2 fabulous resources to educate yourselves on sexuality, not necessarily how to use a condom or to cover your ass, but how to become more intelligent, informed and well prepared with knowledge of sexuality so you can make choices that lead you into a positive sexual dimension rather than a fucked up one. These links apply to all ages.

Sexual Intelligence by Dr. Marty Klein

Sex & Psychology by Dr. Justin Lehmiller

Summer’s Most Fun (on to good things!)

Swimming at Ft. Lauderdale beach with my almost adult daughter and one of my most beloved friends I haven’t seen in maybe ten years, talking and laughing and reminiscing about the past was just the most fun I’ve had in years. So cliche but so great. Everything was awesome that day. The ocean was clear. The sun was hot. The sky was deep blue with scattered puffy white clouds and the water was so warm it felt more of a bath than an ocean swim.  We snacked on dried veggies and fruit and sipped our iced chocolate mint coffees and laughed until it was time to go home, which was way too soon. Aside from our sunburns, it was summer’s perfection all around.  Did you have a most fun summer moment?

Summer’s Most Romantic 

Walking nude on a moonlit beach during low tide with a hot and sexy man would surely qualify. :)

Summer’s Most Shocking

Leave your hometown for 15 years and then come back.  Now make that a high traffic tourist destination. Wow bomb! The tri-county area of South Florida has grown exponentially since I was last there.  I was blown away by how many new buildings and highrises and shopping centers there were, and how much traffic exists! Draining. What once took me 25 to 30 minutes to drive years ago, took me 45 to 60 minutes on this trip!  It’s truly amazing how much a place can change in less than a couple decades.  This really adds weight to my growing appreciation of the Now.  Life is so fast, isn’t it?  Painting slows me down.  It’s becoming a necessity in my life.

Summer’s Greatest Drink

Grasshopper latte, iced or hot, from Undergrounds Coffeehaus in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Mint and chocolate make the drink greenish hence the name, but let me tell you, it is absolutely delicious. If grasshoppers were minty and chocolaty, I’d eat them. Support independent businesses.  Undergrounds has been open 9 years! That’s awesome in the age of corporate takeovers and their coffee is soooo much better than Starbucks.

Summer’s Greatest Lesson

Acceptance is the hardest part of all lessons.  Ugg. 

Summer’s Art Inventory

I completed 7 paintings (mostly smaller canvas sizes than my usual and most I haven’t shown because I wasn’t fully pleased with their results).  I still have three more unfinished, one of those I abandoned.  Something went wrong halfway through and I just couldn’t look at it anymore. It was too dark and I needed more light at that time. I may go back to it or just repaint it. It was a huge 36 x 48 inch canvas so it was overwhelming.  Another unfinished piece is a very sexy nude female midsection. I just need a few more hours on it and it’s done but I’ve struggled repainting a particular part several times so I’m hesitant to work on it.  I’d fizzle it out but it’s too sexy of a painting so I have to work through it. :)  Lastly, my current unfinished piece is what I’m working on now, an addition to the ART PORN collection for next year’s show, a fabulous face closeup with a penis — you know, in the frame, because what’s a woman’s face without a dick closeby?  This is porn after all.

Summer’s Photography

Yeah, yeah, I said no photography but seriously, I think I was playing monogamy to my painting craft or something. Or I lost my head.  These things happen. The great sights below have to be shared.

Miami and the tri-county area is congested but within it, beautiful. It was refreshing to see its beauty which is so different from the Georgia coast, and of course, totally different from Europe’s majesty now that I’ve been away from it for about 15 years.  These pics were snapped with my phone so their quality may not be fabulous but visually they are beautiful and colorful, just like a tourist’s experience of Miami should be.  It was pretty cool to play tourist in my hometown.  I suggest visiting Miami.

Feel free to click, save or print. If you share them online, just link me as a source. Enjoy!

(click photos to make larger)


Off Alton Road, Miami Beach, Florida. A quick coffee stop led to a great photo. Gorgeous morning light!


“Leslie”, Art Deco District, South Beach, Florida (love that yellow pop!)


Undergrounds Coffeehaus, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Best coffee in town.


South Beach Art Deco District. I was like a kid discovering primary colors for the first time.


Ft. Lauderdale, a short strip of paradise sans highrises.


“The Tides”, Art Deco hotel on South Beach. Thought I’d throw in a taxi number for you. Don’t drink and drive.


“Crown”, Classic Art Deco hotel on Collins Avenue South Beach, Florida. I just recently found an old 1950s post card of it. Of course I placed it on the side and now I can’t find it so when I do I will add it to this post.


Dania Beach, Florida. The spotted rainshowers are just stunning on the open sky. We get intense thunderstorms in GA but in Fl, they’re much more mild and short.


Boca Raton, Florida. I am in love with palm trees and bougainvilleas. Always have been.


Miami Beach palm clusters. Seriously, there are palm trees *everywhere*.



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August! Courage! #Unplug!


I’m going into the primitive ages of no Internet, where the world was your oyster not a newsfeed.”

Dear friends & readers,

I’ve arrived at the door where I have to pass through it or sit outside it further disheartened from my inability to open it.

I’ve been pretty brave in everything I’ve done in my life and I’ve been called brave for doing things I didn’t realize were brave.  So, I think bravery is something I own.

However, I have a monolith ahead of me. I’ve seen it ahead for years but  gave it little attention hoping time would aid my fear of it or that it would play itself out on its own.  This has not happened.

Very much to my surprise, my magic bravery pixie dust pack is almost empty and the monolith doesn’t seem to be sizing down. I think I waited too long maybe as I’ve walked a dark corridor for years, not moving ahead but instead opening all the side doors so that I could move somewhere while I saved my sanity and built up courage to move towards that door that was like an arrow from my feet…but the truth is, I just chicken out every time. Every. Fucking. Time.

I’m disappointed and just frustrated that this one door creates so much turmoil for me yet it’s the one I keep getting led to, no matter which way I go. To be honest, I really don’t know if I can open it.  I don’t get scared off by fears but seems I have an exception.  This is very unusual, unfamiliar and defeating for me, which is why I suppose, I don’t want to give up.  But I do. But I don’t. But I do. But I don’t. But I don’t know.

I’m taking time off from social media and basically the Internet for the month of August.  I’m going into the primitive ages of no Internet, where the world was your oyster not a newsfeed.  It’s my birthday month. It’s my peace of mind gift to myself.

I am on holiday with my daughters seeking to center my soul, inspire my mind, have lots of fun and with some luck, find some extra courage to open the door …or courage to deal with the defeat and move on.

Painting isn’t much affected by all this so I will continue painting my second ART PORN collection upon my return to Savannah.  I’ve finished one painting so far and it’s quite pornographic, more so than my last ten paintings of the original ART PORN, but still so, so sexy and erotic and beautiful.  Exciting.  I look forward to speaking more about it as the collection develops.

Enjoy your summer everyone.  I’ll be back in September.

~ Tatiana von Tauber


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Returning to Porn

I spent 5 to 6  months doing not much but tending to my children’s needs and being surrounded by porn as discreetly as possible. Talk about your dichotomy on the mommy spectrum, but that’s what it took to get the collection painted and that’s what I’m going back to.

Since my controversial ART PORN (nsfw) show in March I’ve been in a bit of an artistic funk.  A good friend who’s done shows told me, “Don’t be surprised if you hit a bump of depression afterwards…”.  Sigh.  I can’t say depression but definitely a funk.  A big funk.  An overwhelming drop from a high that was 6 months in the making from conception to completion funk. It was in fact the “end of the project funk” and it’s been a while since I experienced it. It slowly developed as each painting I attempted subsequently didn’t quite provide the same wow factor nor pleasure to paint.

I resisted jumping right back into painting porn after the last collection because I needed a break from all the genitalia and sexual imagery that really just desensitized me.  I was tired of looking at it. I’m not kidding. How do men do this all the time? (Though, for a while there, it had its perks.)

I spent 5 to 6 months doing not much but tending to my children’s needs and being surrounded by porn as discreetly as possible. Talk about your dichotomy on the mommy spectrum, but that’s what it took to get the collection painted and that’s what I’m going back to.  It’s time for the next rush.


A cropped portion of the newest  and still unfinished erotic art I’m working on for my next sexy collection. I think you get the hint. 

Originally I was so psyched out by a particular theme of the next erotic collection that I leaked it to a local reporter but I don’t know what happened; when I began painting that theme, I became blank.  Nothing worked well.  Painting felt heavy weighted. Annoying.  A chore. An expectation. My excitement disappeared and in hindsight, I think I felt like I couldn’t do “that” again, “that” being this really awesome sexy painting collection.  Something felt off.

Rather than berate myself for a failing vision though, I decided to return to love and sensuality and that feminine core I try to convey through my work, painting and otherwise. The paintings from the past few months are good. I’m very happy with them.  I improved technically since I painted ART PORN so I’m particularly excited to see how it will affect this new erotic collection. I want more realism and detail in my paintings, more depth. Time and practice.

This said, I’m shelving the sensual painting for a few months and returning to porn. #celebrategoodtimes

I have no idea how many pieces will be in this new erotic collection or how long it will take or when or where I’ll show (Savannah deserves a good bit of elegant porn I still believe).  I’ve only begun my first painting and I realized I painted more the past few days than I have the past few weeks. It clicked. It feels right. That’s when you follow.  It feels like it’s flowing and that’s how  ART PORN felt.  I’m ready to dive back into creating art from porn and judging from the looks of the painting I’m working on now, the wow factor has resurrected. A little wow factor in life does wonders!



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#lovewins in “Stars & Stripes”, Art

Today I am very proud of America, and I am so damn deeply grateful her ultimate Justice still reigns.  May this land regain its strength and rise from its weights, constraints and liabilities.  I am overjoyed at the U.S. Supreme Court decision today announcing equal same-sex marriage. Coincidentally, I am also celebrating my 11th wedding anniversary today, June 26. I find this just awesome!

Marital bliss is a short-term proposition but commitment is long-term, and despite the US ruling equality in same sex marriage, this means nothing without the work involved to keep love at the forefront of a martial journey.  Marriage is hard work but if the hard work can pull  off changing law, hard work in a marriage will guarantee more opportunity for a blissful marriage – to all.

Congratulations to the LGBT community in the United States of America.  Today is a good day.

#lovewins #marriagequality #art

To celebrate, let me introduce “Stars & Stripes”, my newest painting I finished. Talk about great timing! :)

“Stars & Stripes”, 20x24x1.5 inches, Natural Earth Paint acrylic on canvas.

New painting "Stars & Stripes"

New painting “Stars & Stripes”, contact for inquiries.


Make your #dreams come true

Dream board day is around the corner, Sunday the 21st to be exact.  What is this day?

In short, about 8 to 10 yrs ago a really good friend of mine at the time introduced me to her family tradition of creating dream boards (or vision boards) on the summer solstice, the first official day of summer and the longest day of the year.  Not only did I love the dream board idea, I loved that it wasn’t part of the New Year resolution category and that it was half way from and to it so there was a course adjustment place on the timeline of this dream journey thing.  I’ve created a dream board every year since then and, they work!  I have achieved and acquired countless things, accomplishments, goals and dreams as a result of creating these dream boards.

What are dream boards?

Dream boards are basically collages made from magazine cut outs of pics that represent a goal, item or achievement or dream of making reality.  You can make one or several (I usually do one with several themes).  You can make independently themed dream boards such as one for health/fitness or career or material items, whatever.  It’s your dream(s) so you get to be the artist, the designer, the architect, the mastermind of your dream board!  Here’s a few examples from the early day when I was still searching for who I was and what the heck I wanted:



Here’s my 2013 dream board where I break it down for you:


It’s 2015 but a lot of the visuals here are part of my daily life now, minus the yoga which I’m having a tough time returning to after a wrist injury but the sun, the movement, the “live in the moment”, that’s all real now, not a dream…which leads me to the next question.

Why are they helpful?

When you place your dream board somewhere where you’ll look at it everyday and spend a few moments to really envision having the things visually represented on the dream-board each day, you tend to get them.  Sometimes you don’t get exactly what you wanted but a variation of it, a representation of it such as these examples of my past dreams:


Top pic (yellow) – in 2010 I wanted an awesome body.  So one day I quit smoking and hired a fitness trainer and in 3 months I had an awesome body (that journey here).  I didn’t get to keep that great body as in 2011 I became ill and in 2012 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (Hashimotos Thyroiditis) and I’ve been up and down weight wise ever since. Now in 2015 I am going to go for it one more time.

Lower pic (closet)– in 2010 when still living in Savannah, I had a fascination with this lower photo. Something between the shoes and the wood floor and the elegance of it, I felt extremely pulled to it.

Turns out a year later we moved to Wiesbaden and there was a fabulous designer shoe shop down the street I passed by almost every day. After a year of “one day I’ll buy those”, I finally saved up a ridiculous amount of money for glamorous shoes I had no where to wear and I bought them just because I loved them, because I rarely did that for myself (view shoes here)  And, oddly enough, the Wiesbaden flat we ended living in had the same wood floors as in the photo. Totally unexpected on both counts and very cool in the way they manifested.


Other times you get exactly what you wanted, such as these examples when I dreamed up the desire for a “brave art show” and a couple years later, ART PORN was born and shown!  Be careful what you ask for. Or be prepared!



The lettering on the window before a Savannah HOA demanded the sign be removed, despite curtains covering the inside artwork that a non-erotic art exhibition would not require.  Read about that by clicking this photo.

And this year, 2015, I created “Savannah Buzz” with the above “Art Porn” controversy (read national or local headlines) as heaven forbid PORN end up on the window as per the HOA association.

It’s so Bible Belt expected ART PORN had controversy; but that they fell for their own embarrassment-in-the-making with the term “art porn” rather than the art work itself really shows the silly nature of America’s South with sexuality.

I didn’t even start baiting and the school of conservative fish took – so, so easily they took.


THEN… there’s the road trip.

Originally I had hoped for a road trip to the Carolinas, the mountains but it didn’t feel right so instead chose to face some fears and I took my 17 y/o daughter on a mom/daughter Florida coast road trip 3 weeks before the dream board deadline came! Plus, it “brought together” an unexpected surprise of my reconnecting with my estranged family and long lost friends. That was a bomb of a surprise in this mix between Savannah’s Buzz and the Road Trip.


And the awesome trench coat.  I really wanted one for years and was saving up when, as a generous surprise, my best friend bought one for me as a birthday gift after seeing it on my dream board.

So, in some cases, you’re totally responsible for making your dream happen and in others, life gifts it in other ways.  It may be “Law of Attraction-ish” but this stuff works, people. It works.  It doesn’t work unless you do though.  Remember this Picasso quote: “Inspiration exists but it has to find us working.”  Inspirations are dreams.

The trick to making dream boards work:

When your dreams are wishy-washy or “open for interpretation”, life hands you such dreams. They may be okay or good but not quite exactly what you wanted.  Only you get to decide how much control (focus) you want on your dream journey, and note, it’s okay to change mid-journey.  These dream boards really help the visual understanding of what you really want and sometimes we think we know what we want but we really don’t.  As Tony Robbins says, “Clarity is power”.

Must I do them on June 21st, Summer Solstice?

No. You can pick a day out of a hat, really.  Do what you want when you want, but I suggest finding one day a year that is always, no matter what the circumstances, the day you make your dream board.  It will make a direct improvement and difference in your life.  It helps you stick to it, like a holiday.

How do I begin making one?

Easy. Buy magazines, get scissors, poster board, glue sticks, some snacks, feel good music and pick a day to go through the magazines and cut out what strikes you, moves you, motivates, excites or thrills you.  When done place it on the poster board in a way that suits your collective vision and glue it together.  Put it up somewhere that you’re forced to look at it each day like in the bathroom or by the coffee machine/ fridge, by your bed, and so on.  BIG TIP: trust your intuition in this process.

Last words:

I’m confident that in one year you’ll have achieved at least one of the represented photos on your dream board.  When your goals, wants and desires stare you in the face x amount of times a day, you either let the board fall when the tape wears off or you begin checking the pics off this year’s bucket list.

Now, these boards aren’t no miracle workers.  You are.  The boards just remind you of your purpose along the way.

Let me know how it goes for you. :) ~ Tatiana



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#tbt Sunset Swim art

#tbt “Sunset Swim”, 2013, painted in Wiesbaden, Germany when I was dreaming of sea, sun and sand while caged in the city. Now that I live on the GA coastline, I can get all the sea, sun and sand I want, sans the toplessness being I’m down here in the Bible Belt south. Life is about compromises.


This original pastel drawing – among my favorites – is still available and I’m selling it for a summer celebration price of $149!  AND I’m including shipping costs. AND a sturdy matte so it’s ready for you to pop it into a frame and hang.  So, so easy. :)

Write me if you’re interested in purchasing “Sunset Swim” and I’ll have it to you in a few days.

(9×12 inches, pastel on paper / matte size 12×16 inches with 9×12 inches opening)

Here’s a few “in the making” snapshots of “Sunset Swim” And the painting in the matting for size reference:



Give me an email if you want to buy this artwork for a limited time deal of $149 including shipping and matting.


New Art: “Heavenly Mind”

Heavenly Mind“, 30W x 40H x 1.5 inches, Natural Earth Paint acrylic

(large format, same sizing as my Art Porn painting collection).


Original painting, “Heavenly Mind”, by Tatiana von Tauber, May 2015

I was very compelled to paint, “Heavenly Mind” (and its second pairing “Heavenly Body” which is still in the works).  Both were unexpectedly just thrown at me intuitively.  I woke up one morning with the original conceptual I photographed back in 2011 at the forefront of my mind and the same day I went out to buy the large canvases for them.  It just had to be done – now.  It was like a strange scratch I had to take care of immediately!

I planned a solid black background with her white mask as the “pop” in the painting but I didn’t like the feeling of it – like an empty void around her – so I added the cosmic background for interest and the whole painting came to life, like an idea in the dynamic universe.

I’m very much into looking at the stars right now.  It might be a spring, let’s-be-outside-at-night thing but I don’t think we generally look up at the stars enough in our daily eves.  These “heavenly” paintings can fill a little of that void and spark our minds to dream and reach beyond the stars as well as ourselves.