Erotic Art Show in Savannah!

I’m super excited to share with you my newest opportunity. My latest erotica art collection, ART PORN, will premier in Savannah in March, exactly one month from today. I’m tickled pink! No I’m not. I’m 50 shades of OMG!


I’ve spent 4 months painting these larger scale paintings and I loved every minute of it, even those moments when I was so frustrated by the technical challenges that I wanted to give up. And I almost did when it was overwhelming, but pushing through it, a little bit each day amounted to a finalized 10 big paintings oozing with erotic human interaction that have turned into some of the most beautiful paintings in my portfolio. You’re going to love them.

Come by and see the show if you’re in Savannah March 19-24th, 2015. You’re invited. Find more information here.

#artporn   #dosavannah (no pun intended, for those of you who will get that) ;)

Take a peek

pigmentsI’ve quietly announced info about my new erotica collection but thus far the gallery is still not made public.  I’m keeping the suspense a bit little longer due to details, details, details.  However, you can take a peek at one of the paintings in the collection, Baby Bird, and read a short introduction into the project I’ve been working on the past four months.

Most of this month has been spent on the backdoor side of painting, being the business side which is often the most difficult for artists.  Having owned a successful bookstore and coffeehouse in my mid-20s I thought the process was easily transferable but this was an illusion.  Running a bookstore and running an artist studio require different thoughts, at least from my experience.

During this business side process I found I can’t live without a painting in the works behind me.  I like that I can stop anything I’m doing and pick up my paintbrush when I need a break away from x, y or z. Sometimes I paint for hours and other times I paint only a few minutes concentrating on a particular section of the painting.

Painting is much more fun now that I’ve etched a clearer vision and I’m totally sold on the earth paints I use.  There’s this very beautiful feeling I experience knowing that the pigment I use is literally crushed up earth.  That organic compound brings life to my artistic visions, a way to take what exists all around me, have it be transformed into a tool I then use to create paintings.  It’s a bit romantic and I’m fine with that. Romance, like everything else, is a choice.

…so, coming soon, 10 new paintings as part of my ART PORN collection and one new painting lined up for Valentine’s Day.  Just a few things to look out for this month.

New Erotica Painting Collection, a few thoughts

I’ve just completed the 9th painting for my new erotica art collection. I am bursting at the seams keeping it under cover because I still have the tenth piece to complete plus I have to paint the sides of all the paintings I’ve done, document them, photograph them, and on and on. Little details take forever it seems and I don’t want to miss any before I show the full collection, something I believe is important to do, to show it as a cohesive body of work rather than individual pieces I’m working on as I’ve done in the past.

There’s so much good stuff to say on this new collection aside from the fact that it’s super sexy. In the simplest form, I finally let go of some issues I had as an artist (years and years of trying to do this) and what manifested on the canvas has turned out more wonderful than imagined. I don’t care if nobody likes it one bit.  I am in love with what I’m painting right now, with its entire process of creation. Focusing on this painting project (since mid-Sept) has deeply challenged me and I’ve grown as an artist in style, quality, commitment and skill to just name a few ways.

I’m very happy with the direction my art is going, which is much more sexually expressive than my past work. Right now I’m following this path. I’m not sure why it took so long to get to this point artistically but painting this current collection has become more natural to me than writing erotica fiction or even photographing Playboy models or private clients. Something clicked this time and everything flowed almost effortlessly and joyfully despite a few painting challenges.

My art is finally grounded, consistent and cohesive. I think its sprouting really happened when I discovered the Natural Earth Paints. By summer-time I felt confident with them, as though an extension of my artist self: a perfect tool. Though in a cold winter, the artistic visions and quality have bloomed. You’ll see. Soon. Ok, in January but considering the holidays are very near, it’s not that far off. :)

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Blogging, painting and more


I’m aware I’ve not been blogging. To be honest, I’ve been painting, going on about it on Facebook and before that I was working to help my daughter train for her 6 week trip to Nepal.

I’m currently engrossed with a fantastic eroticized subject matter for my newest collection of paintings. They are turning out stunning. Four complete, ten is the goal.

I’m finding the painting much more exciting, fulfilling and forgiving, actually, than the writing and blogging and this is one reason I’ve taken a break. I’m happier when I have a painting to finish then when I have other projects on the table for completion.

So, it seems logical that I stay painting if I am to stay happy.

Currently the blog feels like the little engine that could but somehow can’t, but it’s had its ebb and flow through the years.  The silence, as I see it, is some change going on within the inner artist self here.  In a way I’m coming up for air, letting you know I’m still here, still thinking about this platform, yet still being pulled by the tempo of the brushstrokes paint brushes offer now, especially since I began this new sexy set of paintings which have really upped my standards for painting, both is size and quality.

I promise to reveal the new art in a reasonable amount of time. The paintings are approx 3×3 feet so each one takes almost triple the time my other paintings took, plus the content is much more complex than my standard face paintings or other works I’ve created thus far. I’ve upped my stakes and I’m very excited about the direction my art is going into and I’m confident you’re going to absolutely love what I’ve got coming for you!

You gotta trust me. (I’m having a tough time keeping it all lip sealed though!)

I’m on Facebook quite often these days so I invite you to join me there, if you haven’t already, to keep up more real-time than the blog for right now (link up in my sidebar). It keeps me somewhat social when I paint, usually alone in a corner of my home office where I found a little comfy spot to let the creative flow loose.

New Art: Flower Power

This summer has been slow on art production. It’s mid-August and I’m moving on to my second painting for the month which I hope to complete next week. The back to school re-introduction into daily life threw me off just as I was in summer’s groove. I enjoy the freedom of kids in school but I find myself trying to catch up with what I didn’t get to during the summer. With art (as with cooking and sex to name the most obvious) if you want good results, you can’t rush the process.

I spent a lot of time this summer tending the flower garden I planted. You can’t rush a flower’s growth either and that beautiful connection with Nature, that wonder of watching a flower grow from seed to bloom is the kind of creation energy that inspired this painting. To me, it’s witnessing the gift of life’s beauty create itself, and succeed! Very few things in life match the wow factor of such…which takes us back to cooking and sex. We do live in a sensual world, don’t we?

“Flower Power”

40x30cm (11.8″ x 15.8″)
Earth Paint Acrylic on canvas


"Flower Power", acrylic on canvas


New Art and Reflections in the Scarlet Gardens


Years ago I saw a photo in Vogue magazine that is similar to this one I painted here and saved it because I loved it and said I’d paint it one day. Well, that day took over a decade!

The main reason I made a spontaneous decision to paint it was simply because I said, “one day” I would and really, when you think about it, “one day” is shorter everyday we say that. That’s a big concept to get because more often than not, we take time for granted in the daily constructs of life and I’ve spent my life pretty alert on time and it still managed to zip by me. As I approach another birthday in my 40s, I can’t help reflection, contemplation and ultimately thoughts about how to make this year better than the last.

Changing my perceptions of time is leading to a lot more doing and a lot less planning. With that in mind, I painted “Scarlet Gardens” to finally do it. I feel pretty good about that.

What have you been putting off you can do or begin today? Go do it. You’ll feel so good about yourself. I guarantee it.


“Scarlet Gardens” is painted with Natural Earth Paints with acrylic medium and measures approx. 11×15 inches. View more art you may have missed right here.

New Art: Venus In Fur

Venus In Fur by Tatiana von Tauber

Venus In Fur by Tatiana von Tauber

Here’s my latest in new paintings, “Venus In Fur”. I painted her around the time of the 66th Annual Cannes Festival with the unveiling of film director, Roman Polinski’s movie adaptation of a screenplay by the same name.

Though the starring actress, Polinski’s wife, Emmanuelle Seigner showed up at the event in an amazing dress instead of fur, holding hands with her husband and co-star, actor Mathieu Amalric no less, I felt the various elements crossed quite well since the painting, the movie plot and Emmanuelle’s red dress, plus the photo of her with the two men contained sultry elements worthy of linking together.  Therfore, “Venus In Fur” she is.

Venus In Fur

Natural Earth Paint Acrylic on canvas

40x30cm (11in. x 15 3/4 in.) $245



New Art: The Girl from Ipanema

Now that you’ve seen my wild garden, which has been an inspiration behind some paintings recently, I’d like to introduce you to “The Girl from Ipanema”. Her inspiration came from the gorgeous blue skies I get to see each day and summer’s heat forcing one to take cover…all while I was comfortably painting in my air-conditioned home. :) When it comes to summer temperature comfort, I’m so glad to be back in America!

The title, if you don’t know, came from a Frank Sinatra’s popularized Bossa Nova song, “The Girl from Ipanema” and Ipanema is a neighborhood located in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro.  You can listen to the tune here:  I love listening to Bossa Nova tunes and my music choices often inspire my color palettes.  This painting definitely had sun and fun in mind.

“Girl from Ipanema”

50cm x 70cm (19.70″ x 27.56″)
Natural Earth Paint Acrylic on canvas

"The Girl from Ipanema"

“The Girl from Ipanema”