#lovewins in “Stars & Stripes”, Art

Today I am very proud of America, and I am so damn deeply grateful her ultimate Justice still reigns.  May this land regain its strength and rise from its weights, constraints and liabilities.  I am overjoyed at the U.S. Supreme Court decision today announcing equal same-sex marriage. Coincidentally, I am also celebrating my 11th wedding anniversary today, June 26. I find this just awesome!

Marital bliss is a short-term proposition but commitment is long-term, and despite the US ruling equality in same sex marriage, this means nothing without the work involved to keep love at the forefront of a martial journey.  Marriage is hard work but if the hard work can pull  off changing law, hard work in a marriage will guarantee more opportunity for a blissful marriage – to all.

Congratulations to the LGBT community in the United States of America.  Today is a good day.

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To celebrate, let me introduce “Stars & Stripes”, my newest painting I finished. Talk about great timing! :)

“Stars & Stripes”, 20x24x1.5 inches, Natural Earth Paint acrylic on canvas.

New painting "Stars & Stripes"

New painting “Stars & Stripes”, contact for inquiries.

shortlink: http://wp.me/p3f9L-2aa

Make your #dreams come true

Dream board day is around the corner, Sunday the 21st to be exact.  What is this day?

In short, about 8 to 10 yrs ago a really good friend of mine at the time introduced me to her family tradition of creating dream boards (or vision boards) on the summer solstice, the first official day of summer and the longest day of the year.  Not only did I love the dream board idea, I loved that it wasn’t part of the New Year resolution category and that it was half way from and to it so there was a course adjustment place on the timeline of this dream journey thing.  I’ve created a dream board every year since then and, they work!  I have achieved and acquired countless things, accomplishments, goals and dreams as a result of creating these dream boards.

What are dream boards?

Dream boards are basically collages made from magazine cut outs of pics that represent a goal, item or achievement or dream of making reality.  You can make one or several (I usually do one with several themes).  You can make independently themed dream boards such as one for health/fitness or career or material items, whatever.  It’s your dream(s) so you get to be the artist, the designer, the architect, the mastermind of your dream board!  Here’s a few examples from the early day when I was still searching for who I was and what the heck I wanted:



Here’s my 2013 dream board where I break it down for you:


It’s 2015 but a lot of the visuals here are part of my daily life now, minus the yoga which I’m having a tough time returning to after a wrist injury but the sun, the movement, the “live in the moment”, that’s all real now, not a dream…which leads me to the next question.

Why are they helpful?

When you place your dream board somewhere where you’ll look at it everyday and spend a few moments to really envision having the things visually represented on the dream-board each day, you tend to get them.  Sometimes you don’t get exactly what you wanted but a variation of it, a representation of it such as these examples of my past dreams:


Top pic (yellow) – in 2010 I wanted an awesome body.  So one day I quit smoking and hired a fitness trainer and in 3 months I had an awesome body (that journey here).  I didn’t get to keep that great body as in 2011 I became ill and in 2012 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (Hashimotos Thyroiditis) and I’ve been up and down weight wise ever since. Now in 2015 I am going to go for it one more time.

Lower pic (closet)– in 2010 when still living in Savannah, I had a fascination with this lower photo. Something between the shoes and the wood floor and the elegance of it, I felt extremely pulled to it.

Turns out a year later we moved to Wiesbaden and there was a fabulous designer shoe shop down the street I passed by almost every day. After a year of “one day I’ll buy those”, I finally saved up a ridiculous amount of money for glamorous shoes I had no where to wear and I bought them just because I loved them, because I rarely did that for myself (view shoes here)  And, oddly enough, the Wiesbaden flat we ended living in had the same wood floors as in the photo. Totally unexpected on both counts and very cool in the way they manifested.


Other times you get exactly what you wanted, such as these examples when I dreamed up the desire for a “brave art show” and a couple years later, ART PORN was born and shown!  Be careful what you ask for. Or be prepared!



The lettering on the window before a Savannah HOA demanded the sign be removed, despite curtains covering the inside artwork that a non-erotic art exhibition would not require.  Read about that by clicking this photo.

And this year, 2015, I created “Savannah Buzz” with the above “Art Porn” controversy (read national or local headlines) as heaven forbid PORN end up on the window as per the HOA association.

It’s so Bible Belt expected ART PORN had controversy; but that they fell for their own embarrassment-in-the-making with the term “art porn” rather than the art work itself really shows the silly nature of America’s South with sexuality.

I didn’t even start baiting and the school of conservative fish took – so, so easily they took.


THEN… there’s the road trip.

Originally I had hoped for a road trip to the Carolinas, the mountains but it didn’t feel right so instead chose to face some fears and I took my 17 y/o daughter on a mom/daughter Florida coast road trip 3 weeks before the dream board deadline came! Plus, it “brought together” an unexpected surprise of my reconnecting with my estranged family and long lost friends. That was a bomb of a surprise in this mix between Savannah’s Buzz and the Road Trip.


And the awesome trench coat.  I really wanted one for years and was saving up when, as a generous surprise, my best friend bought one for me as a birthday gift after seeing it on my dream board.

So, in some cases, you’re totally responsible for making your dream happen and in others, life gifts it in other ways.  It may be “Law of Attraction-ish” but this stuff works, people. It works.  It doesn’t work unless you do though.  Remember this Picasso quote: “Inspiration exists but it has to find us working.”  Inspirations are dreams.

The trick to making dream boards work:

When your dreams are wishy-washy or “open for interpretation”, life hands you such dreams. They may be okay or good but not quite exactly what you wanted.  Only you get to decide how much control (focus) you want on your dream journey, and note, it’s okay to change mid-journey.  These dream boards really help the visual understanding of what you really want and sometimes we think we know what we want but we really don’t.  As Tony Robbins says, “Clarity is power”.

Must I do them on June 21st, Summer Solstice?

No. You can pick a day out of a hat, really.  Do what you want when you want, but I suggest finding one day a year that is always, no matter what the circumstances, the day you make your dream board.  It will make a direct improvement and difference in your life.  It helps you stick to it, like a holiday.

How do I begin making one?

Easy. Buy magazines, get scissors, poster board, glue sticks, some snacks, feel good music and pick a day to go through the magazines and cut out what strikes you, moves you, motivates, excites or thrills you.  When done place it on the poster board in a way that suits your collective vision and glue it together.  Put it up somewhere that you’re forced to look at it each day like in the bathroom or by the coffee machine/ fridge, by your bed, and so on.  BIG TIP: trust your intuition in this process.

Last words:

I’m confident that in one year you’ll have achieved at least one of the represented photos on your dream board.  When your goals, wants and desires stare you in the face x amount of times a day, you either let the board fall when the tape wears off or you begin checking the pics off this year’s bucket list.

Now, these boards aren’t no miracle workers.  You are.  The boards just remind you of your purpose along the way.

Let me know how it goes for you. :) ~ Tatiana



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#tbt Sunset Swim art

#tbt “Sunset Swim”, 2013, painted in Wiesbaden, Germany when I was dreaming of sea, sun and sand while caged in the city. Now that I live on the GA coastline, I can get all the sea, sun and sand I want, sans the toplessness being I’m down here in the Bible Belt south. Life is about compromises.


This original pastel drawing – among my favorites – is still available and I’m selling it for a summer celebration price of $149!  AND I’m including shipping costs. AND a sturdy matte so it’s ready for you to pop it into a frame and hang.  So, so easy. :)

Write me if you’re interested in purchasing “Sunset Swim” and I’ll have it to you in a few days.

(9×12 inches, pastel on paper / matte size 12×16 inches with 9×12 inches opening)

Here’s a few “in the making” snapshots of “Sunset Swim” And the painting in the matting for size reference:



Give me an email if you want to buy this artwork for a limited time deal of $149 including shipping and matting.

shortlink: http://wp.me/p3f9L-298

New Art: “Heavenly Mind”

Heavenly Mind“, 30W x 40H x 1.5 inches, Natural Earth Paint acrylic

(large format, same sizing as my Art Porn painting collection).


Original painting, “Heavenly Mind”, by Tatiana von Tauber, May 2015

I was very compelled to paint, “Heavenly Mind” (and its second pairing “Heavenly Body” which is still in the works).  Both were unexpectedly just thrown at me intuitively.  I woke up one morning with the original conceptual I photographed back in 2011 at the forefront of my mind and the same day I went out to buy the large canvases for them.  It just had to be done – now.  It was like a strange scratch I had to take care of immediately!

I planned a solid black background with her white mask as the “pop” in the painting but I didn’t like the feeling of it – like an empty void around her – so I added the cosmic background for interest and the whole painting came to life, like an idea in the dynamic universe.

I’m very much into looking at the stars right now.  It might be a spring, let’s-be-outside-at-night thing but I don’t think we generally look up at the stars enough in our daily eves.  These “heavenly” paintings can fill a little of that void and spark our minds to dream and reach beyond the stars as well as ourselves.

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p3f9L-28I

New Art Porn Painting Additions

I decided to continue with the ART PORN theme. I also painted a portrait. What struck me interesting but at this point unsurprising, was that I was bored painting the portrait and so I turned back to painting nudity and sexuality.

“Homo erectus” (censored version) Natural Earth Paint acrylic on canvas

The gay market requested I paint homosexual themed art. This is my first. I love the title! I was beaming sunshine when it hit me.

Homo erectus

Homo erectus

“Her Lips”, (censored version) Natural Earth Paint acrylic on canvas

This painting was very difficult. The angles challenged me greatly, and that’s what I was seeking actually when I chose this image but it turned out much MORE challenging than I thought.  I feel like I upped a notch of capability with this one, and whenever I can nail a more difficult angle within a painting I feel like I can take on a more complex one next time.  It’s a great confidence booster when you get it right. When you get it wrong, it’s just part of the process to getting it right.


View the uncensored images on my website, www.vontauber.com/apgallery. You can bookmark this gallery as it will house all of the paintings with a porn like quality. Detailed info about each painting is located on each image when hovered over.  The original “ART PORN” gallery, along with all the narratives, press and show photos, comments, etc. is still live and accessible through this link: www.vontauber.com/artporn.

shortlink: http://wp.me/p3f9L-28p

New Art: Palm Beach in Heat

After months of working on the ART PORN collection (nsfw) and its limited color palette, I needed a totally different viewpoint with color and as such “Palm Beach in Heat” was created. I wanted something very bright and beachy and a bold dip into sunshine.  This new “Brilliant Yellow” by Natural Earth Paint had been sitting in my paint kit for months and I finally used it, and wow, is it bold bright yellow!

This painting reminds me of growing up in the Miami / Palm Beaches. There are days I really miss the ocean and the constant sun and warmth and the need, at most, for sandals and a sun dress.  I’d go to the beach to think about life, solutions to problems and occasionally lobster-tan.  I spent many leisure and contemplative days on Florida beaches. I may have subconsciously been vacation dreaming, which is sounding like a nice seduction right now!

“Palm Beach in Heat”, 24 x 24 x 1.5 inches, Natural Earth paint acrylic on canvas. More info in the paintings section of my website.


shortlink: http://wp.me/p3f9L-28e

The Photography Irony

Seriously folks, the irony couldn’t be bolder.

The morning after writing this post about shelving my photography to focus on painting, I was notified by the International Color Awards for photography that one of my submitted photographs had been nominated for the amateur fashion category win. While I didn’t get a winner spot, I am among a few of the final nominees from a worldwide group of photographers. That’s pretty awesome and very unexpected. Last year I received a similar honor for “The Red Chair” and “Masked Man” by the International Master’s Cup Photography competition (both so equally stunning even the judges couldn’t choose so they nominated both!). Like I said, one never knows what the future holds. Crazy timing.

*link to exact gallery my nomination “There’s No Place Like Home” (last pic) is in http://www.colorawards.com/gallery/index.php?g=n&cid=273&x=a&gaid=17#142159.

shortlink: http://wp.me/p3f9L-285

My Photography’s Gone Kodak!

TvtCarMirrorKodak. Remember that company? It’s the one that ruled and dominated the photographic environment for decades. What is it now? Gone. All we have are its “Kodak moments”.

I realize this is a bummer starter but it most fits what’s happened to my photographic world. There was a time when it dominated everything. I couldn’t even go outside without a camera, always waiting for the right shot, quite frankly missing the realtime happening because I was too focused on documenting it for its Kodak appeal later. This doesn’t keep in mind the many elements it took to secure an actual model for erotic and nude photography which eventually became too much. What I mean simply is, it got too expensive to hire out models to photograph for the return financially (especially with a growing family) and it became too overwhelming serving the so called “real women” of the world who most often had body issues they couldn’t hide as easily as the models. The whole thing just became a turn off.  It’s sad.  I’m not happy about it but I had to admit there was a problem because I noticed overtime I was avoiding bookings and photo ops.

While I still consider myself a photographer, at this point in time I’m claiming “painter” as the title of the artistic flow spewing from within out onto the manifest world and the photographer just somehow got fed up, turned off, overwhelmed and disinterested from the entire over competition of creating something beautiful and eye-popping out of reality. With the domination of the Smartphone cameras, everyone is a photographer and when everyone is x-something, I move on elsewhere. So, the photography road with Tumblr, Instagram, Pintrest and you fill in the rest is a very busy one.  I don’t like crowds.  If you can’t path it, trail it.

20120629-173352.jpgQuite frankly, there’s a lot of really good sensual and erotic photography out there right now that I don’t even see a definite place for my photographic style to pursue with fervor and to get better will require more effort and this effort will take time away from bettering the painter.  See the problem?  I am one woman with too many hats and talents. ON LIMITED TIME! It’s not a complaint but it does have behind the scenes weight.  It was an awful choice, very painful, difficult and sad but I finally let the photographer go… you know, not fully but like a good love affair gone distant just because life moved us that way.  Who knows.  Maybe Facebook’s hypothetical future “Photobook” will reconnect us.

As an artist my goal is always to grow and to move beyond what I’ve artistically achieved. To do this with photography, to become the kind of photographer I’d really like to be to feel satisfied with myself as one, I’d have to put in more effort than the payback is worth at this time in my life.

I’ve found that my most interesting talent is with the paintbrush and this needs more exploration. Not taking the opportunity would be an insult to my DNA, to my core self.


The photography I’ve done, I will repackage it into some capitalist opportunity in the future that will benefit both me and my audience so it’s not a total elimination but I don’t intend to continue photographing as passionately as I have in the past until I wear the nudity out of my paintings first.  And I no longer do any kind of private hire boudoir photography unless you really convince me.

One never knows truly what the future holds but I felt an explanation was needed as to what’s happened to the photography because I know many of my followers were originally hooked on that artistic road with me, some along for the ride maybe 10 years!  While I don’t want to disappoint any one group, I have to follow the yellow brick road because if little else, it leads to Truth.  As always, I am grateful for those who stick around to seek it with me.

More paintings to follow!

Update next day: The irony. The morning after writing this I was notified by the International Color Awards for photography that one of my submitted photographs had been nominated for the “fashion” category win. While I didn’t get first place, I am among a few of the final nominees.  That’s pretty awesome and very unexpected.  Last year I received a similar honor for “The Red Chair” and “Masked Man” by the International Master’s Cup Photography competition.  Like I said, one never knows what the future holds.  Crazy timing.

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