ART PORN, the online gallery

The thing with sex is at some point, if you don’t stop, you have to show the goods.

The ART PORN show has been very successful thus far. I expect low attendance the last two days due to expected rain and the work week but I will be at the gallery 12-7pm Monday and 12-3pm Tuesday for those of you who want to see the art up on a wall before the show ends.

The past few days has been a fantastic journey and feedback has been mostly positive.  I am 100% confident many people were curious but didn’t come to the show out of fear more than judgment and if they could see it in a safe, protected environment such as online, they would. So I give to thee my gallery. Now you can view it privately and share with your friends but if you’re local, I invite you to make the trip to visit Oglethorpe Gallery, 406 E. Oglethorpe Ave (and Habersham) to view the full collection in person.  This is the first time this collection is being shown in full. It took approximately 4 months to paint, between September 2014 to January 2015.

I hope you enjoy the art and may you discover something positive about pornography, and perhaps yourself.

Thank you,
Tatiana von Tauber




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Savannah Buzz & the “Art Porn” show


This is Mary from my painting “Mary, Jane and Peter”.

I’ve had a wonderful flow of support for my show, Art Porn this week so far. Rain and the Savannah Music Festival were slight competition challenges for attendance but I think the show has been very successful so far with a fair attendance rate and LOTS of fabulous and interesting comments, some of which I will be sharing with you this week. The show ends Tuesday if you’re Savannah local and want to make it. Hours are below just to make it easy.

Below is the press and controversy about my sign, “Art Porn” being removed due to the HOAs insistence. I’d like to say that while the press has helped publicity and maybe attendance, I think the sign would have been very advantageous to bringing more foot traffic in. As a former storefront owner, signage is KEY to bringing people in outside location and location isn’t prime for Oglethorpe Gallery: it’s in a residential, low foot traffic area. When the sign was up, everyone noticed who walked or drove by. With the sign now, a majority simply go by without looking at the window, probably because it looks like it ALWAYS looks, and with the necessary curtains, zero catches the passerbys attention. Thanks HOA.

Gallery is on the corner of Oglethorpe Ave and Habersham.  Open but without signage, hard to know right?  Well, I am OPEN.

Gallery is on the corner of Oglethorpe Ave and Habersham. Open but without signage, hard to know right? Well, I am OPEN.

I’m not going away and I’m painting more sexual imagery so get to used me in Savannah, especially those who are afraid of artistic or sexual expression and words such as “porn”. A new generation of young minds is flocking to this lovely city and with the current renovations and Broughton Street improvements, tourists and new locals will expect more diversity. One point of Art Porn was to provoke thought and discussion in Savannah. #success

The art community has shown great support for artistic expression and the need for more diversity in Savannah. My favorite paraphrased quote from a viewer yesterday was “I’m so glad you did this. Savannah needs stuff like this to shake it up.”

Let’s shake then.

Current press:

PRESS: The latest Savannah buzz on the #artporn show in “Do Savannah”

1) Interview: Homegrown Savannah: Painter brings ‘Art Porn’ to Oglethorpe Gallery

2) Controversial: Homeowners association tells artist to remove ‘Art Porn’ signage

Hours: noon-7 p.m. Sunday and Monday; noon-3 p.m. Tuesday


“The word “porn” NEEDS a feminine revamp, no?”

A lot of controversial buzz is going on in Savannah’s art community and my show ART PORN is in the center of it. I have a lot to say about it, of course, but I will only recap the basic facts and leave deeper discussion for the show itself or after it for online audiences.

NOW SHOWING in Savannah, except without the big white ART PORN letters on the windows.

NOW SHOWING in Savannah, except without the big white ART PORN letters on the windows.

1)      Minutes after I blogged my post about ART PORN opening today on all my online networks, I get notification that the homeowner’s association (HOA) is not happy about the word “porn” nor the large size of the letters on the window. I had to remove it. I felt the true problem was the word “Porn” and thus leaving “Art” in 10 inch lettering on the window would be acceptable. It was my only advertising on a very low foot traffic street and so I tried to negotiate it.



2)      Unexpectedly I bumped into one of the residents who I assumed was the president of the HOA in question on the sidewalk when I went out to see how I could redo the window since the curtains I had to put up basically covered everything, like a white Hijab or burka. I see this woman looking past me and she came to look around me a bit as I was kind of watching her with curiosity and somewhat in her way. I noticed she nodded her head slightly and gave an approved look with her mouth and so I immediately made eye contact and approached her. We spoke for a bit, and she told me she was a resident in the building and we talked about the matter. I asked her if the Art was better, if it was ok as is. She nodded and said “yes, that’s fine” and she made it clear that the word “porn” wasn’t wanted in the neighborhood, and especially that building where not one resident “is under 50″. Interestingly enough, as luck would have it, my last walk in of the day was a man in his 60s who looked at each piece, read each narrative and plans to return with his wife. So there.

3)      An hour or less after that conversation with the woman, the gallery owner notified me that even the “Art” had to go. It was too big, and further, thanks to this situation (and I do apologize) all signs must now be approved by the HOA when showing at the gallery.  There is nothing above the green stripe anymore.

4)      HOA? What do they have to do with a gallery? Simply Oglethorpe Gallery sits nestled in a quaint and beautifully romantic row of homes that belong to the Oglethorpe Avenue’s residential neighborhood. Very pretty. Porn is, well, this is the South: it’s shameful. Except to me and quite frankly, to a lot of others who are just fine with the food porn, book porn, brownie porn or art porn. They might even like a little bit of sex porn. Porn isn’t a scary word, concept or purchase. Freak porn? Yes, I concede but not ALL porn is freak porn and not ALL Savannah residents feel it is appropriate for an HOA to decide our freedoms as human beings, as American citizens or as local artists. So, I’m a bit disappointed because this is apparently the second time in a month this HOA censorship has happened in Savannah.  Is it acceptable, constitutional or moral?  Do HOAs have too much power over the community?  Further, exactly what checks and balances are there for the HOA residents it represents?

5)      My artwork is elegant, classy and beautiful, and yes it’s risque but sex is how we create the future, how we feel connected to someone we love, how we feel pleasure. Pornography does nothing but document the act of these concepts we find value in yet pornography tarnishes it?  Why? The word “porn” NEEDS a feminine revamp, no?

6)      All this buzz caught the attention of the local newspaper. Because, realistically, we can play the hide the porn card but when you hide “Art” and call it out on its size, now you’re stepping on the local talent’s freedom and that’s not ok. So, more on that when word gets out, hopefully in a couple of days there might be another article.  Here’s the current article that is “hot” in  Do Savannah Arts and Entertainment section online about my artistic vision.  It comes out in print tomorrow in #dosavannah.

7)      Open reception is Saturday 3-5pm but I will be open until 8pm. I’m looking forward to meeting some of Savannah’s art enthusiasts!

Spread the word #artporn and a shortlink to this blog post:

My website has all the info you need:  Read the latest on my Facebook page.  Learn more about the exclusive Natural Earth vegan & non-toxic paint I use here.

#artporn Opens Today March 19!

NOW SHOWING in Savannah

NOW SHOWING in Savannah

I began painting ART PORN Sept 12, 2014, six months ago after a plane ride to San Francisco on Sept 11th.  I dropped off my teen as she embarked on an adventure to Nepal for six weeks and I realized on the way home that if I were to die in a plane right now, was the life I lived plenty?  No, I decided.  It wasn’t plenty at all.

I returned to Savannah the next day and immediately began painting. I planned three sexy paintings “for fun”  but quickly I became compelled to paint a full collection, blind really to what I was going to do with it at its end but I absolutely loved painting these and it helped refocus my maternal worried mind when my 16 y/o was in a third world country with 10 other teens for six weeks.

After hanging all the paintings yesterday at Oglethrope Gallery and seeing them displayed with no studio distraction, plenty of white wall space and perfect lighting I felt so proud of my accomplishment I have no shame in stating it. This was a lot of work.  I didn’t know I was capable of painting this well after many years of avoiding the painter within to explore the writer and the photographer within instead.  I’m quite confident painting is where I’m going to focus my primary artistic endeavors.

Mini updates about the ART PORN show:

1) March 19 – TODAY – I open ART PORN at the Oglethorpe Gallery in Savannah, 406 E. Oglethorpe Ave. Click here for the gallery FB page and map. Click here for my website with show details.

2) Gallery Hours:

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 21, 2015 3:00-5:00pm
Exhibition Dates: March 19-24, 2015
Thursday 1-6pm
Friday  4-8pm (Private Reception 4-6pm but I won’t turn anyone away if they wish to join; doors will be open for all)
Saturday 3-8pm
Sunday 12-7pm
Monday 12-7pm
Tuesday 12-3pm

3) Check out this wonderful little article written by Adriana Iris Boatwright for her “Homegrown Savannah” column in Savannah Now. I am very grateful someone in Savannah had confidence in porn and in art (and my vision!) enough to grant me an ear about the show to do an interview. A big applause to my supporters because too many people fear the word “PORN”.

4) ART PORN is a collection of 10 provocative paintings sourced from Internet pornography.  The show is intended for an adult audience and contains sexually explicit imagery.  You know, that stuff you do behind closed doors but keep hush, hush.

5) ART PORN is a sexy collection.  Come and see for yourself! :)


Updated Press Kit for “Art Porn” Show

I updated the original press kit for the “Art Porn” show with gallery hours and a longer bio: The show opens next week in #Savannah!

The “Art Porn” Collection & Taking Chances

Life is very short. Some people take chances and others wait for them. I take chances because for me, tomorrow could be the end. It doesn’t seem like it might be, but it happens to a whole lot of people everyday.

This new art exhibition, ART PORN, is a bit chance because I’ve never done anything like this before so there’s a lot of excitement in the OMG new factor and the OMG wtf factor.  There has been occasional mixture of the two.


Get them at the show! #artporn condoms!

Get them at the show! #artporn condoms!

Not a lot of people are familiar with my art. This is why I’m doing this ART PORN solo show.  I’m known more for my strong views on various topics centered around human freedom, ethics, sex-positive feminism, and politics written in the past for The Legal Satyricon, a First Amendment law blog led by attorney, Marc J. Randazza, as well as my erotica/boudoir photography or erotica fiction published years ago. However, during the past few years I removed myself from some of these topics mentioned because they proved  heavier ordeals than I wanted to immerse myself in.

One can’t become a positive entity when surrounded in a negative environment. Certain important (yet heavy) topics and constantly thinking about them became toxic to my health and I’m certain that this along with various other life traumas experienced from 2005 to the relative present led to my conscious dismissal of interacting with “heavy” weighted concepts such as human freedom, ethics, sex-positive feminism and politics. You must agree these are heavy weighted. Part of me felt I abandoned these original passions but I haven’t. I set them free so they could rest. I accepted what was and what cannot be and I sought to change myself rather than the external world, the one which never listens anyway.

To evolve as a Human Being, and to grow as an artist I ditched writing, serious critical thinking, my camera as my artistic medium and I began painting again. Undiscovered territory sat there and exploration is simply part of my DNA.


When I finally let go to the inner artist, ART PORN was the result. This exhibition is a 10 piece showcase of what we as Human Beings do to love, please and create each other. It’s beautiful work and I am very proud of the art. I painted ten very sexually provocative paintings because – simply – I am a woman and I can. Feminism has done wonders for me!

I wanted to see what would it be like to be around pornography that much: 4 months worth, almost every day in order to finish these paintings. I wanted to know how or if it would affect me, change me, turn me on or turn me off.  What would be provoked and what would not?  In essence, what was it like to be immersed in pornography visuals without having to really be a “porn star” or a “whore” or some “pervert”. What would it be like to just face it head on, everyday, study it, essentially experience it in a whole different way, one where there must exist more than the surface we judge, more than just this tool for sexual pleasure or getting off.  And this, really, is just the surface of how deep we can plunge here.

Let’s be honest, women and pornography are downright shameful together! How could a respectable woman ever?!  Well, John Currin, renowned American oil painter is a man and he dared to do it with his large canvas Danish pornography art collection so why should I, a woman, dare any less?  I modified my size, however, to a managable 3x3ft canvas.

I not only got an answer to what this porn immersion might be like by diving into the project but I discovered some interesting rabbit holes along the way which expanded and solidified some views about eroticism, my passionate topic since early memory. Best of all, I created fabulous art out of this experience. And I’m now, I’m taking another chance and sharing this creation with my friends and my community.

I am genuinely interested in what others will or will not like about the art but I’m not interested in senseless anti-porn propaganda views. That’s a waste of time to discuss because pornography will never be censored or banned or shamed enough to not exist. Mold it into something better or look the other way. In a land of diversity, we cannot expect to please everyone and I have no intent or desire to please anti-porn agendas.

So please, if you’re not offended by a little pornographic eroticism made into large canvas artworks and not offended by the beauty of the nude human body or the sensuality of sex,  then I’d love the opportunity to meet you during my ART PORN show if you’re in the Savannah area in March. If you can’t make it, I’ll have a video and the paintings up for online display later this month so you can partake in the curiosity. :)

Visit me at Oglethrope Gallery in Savannah March 19-24th. More info on show and hours on my website,

Visit my Facebook page for the latest updates. If you believe in taking chances, tell others about my show #artporn.

Erotic Art Show in Savannah!

I’m super excited to share with you my newest opportunity. My latest erotica art collection, ART PORN, will premier in Savannah in March, exactly one month from today. I’m tickled pink! No I’m not. I’m 50 shades of OMG!


I’ve spent 4 months painting these larger scale paintings and I loved every minute of it, even those moments when I was so frustrated by the technical challenges that I wanted to give up. And I almost did when it was overwhelming, but pushing through it, a little bit each day amounted to a finalized 10 big paintings oozing with erotic human interaction that have turned into some of the most beautiful paintings in my portfolio. You’re going to love them.

Come by and see the show if you’re in Savannah March 19-24th, 2015. You’re invited. Find more information here.

#artporn   #dosavannah (no pun intended, for those of you who will get that) ;)

Take a peek

pigmentsI’ve quietly announced info about my new erotica collection but thus far the gallery is still not made public.  I’m keeping the suspense a bit little longer due to details, details, details.  However, you can take a peek at one of the paintings in the collection, Baby Bird, and read a short introduction into the project I’ve been working on the past four months.

Most of this month has been spent on the backdoor side of painting, being the business side which is often the most difficult for artists.  Having owned a successful bookstore and coffeehouse in my mid-20s I thought the process was easily transferable but this was an illusion.  Running a bookstore and running an artist studio require different thoughts, at least from my experience.

During this business side process I found I can’t live without a painting in the works behind me.  I like that I can stop anything I’m doing and pick up my paintbrush when I need a break away from x, y or z. Sometimes I paint for hours and other times I paint only a few minutes concentrating on a particular section of the painting.

Painting is much more fun now that I’ve etched a clearer vision and I’m totally sold on the earth paints I use.  There’s this very beautiful feeling I experience knowing that the pigment I use is literally crushed up earth.  That organic compound brings life to my artistic visions, a way to take what exists all around me, have it be transformed into a tool I then use to create paintings.  It’s a bit romantic and I’m fine with that. Romance, like everything else, is a choice.

…so, coming soon, 10 new paintings as part of my ART PORN collection and one new painting lined up for Valentine’s Day.  Just a few things to look out for this month.