New Art: “Georgina”

Here’s a new painting for my Faces Collection titled “Georgina”. She’s very captivating, I think…

Original available for sale

Original available for sale


50cm x 70 cm

Acrylic on canvas, (Natural Earth Paint)

View more artwork on my website or contact me if you’d like to purchase “Georgina”:

New Art: “Her Reflection”

My new painting, “Her Reflection” was painted after I saw a photo of Italian actress, Monica Bellucci, online. The full story on that is in this month’s newsletter you can read here (plus more art works you’ve not seen!). Also, I used the Natural Earth Paints again because I really just want to practice using them more, and I love their “earthy” coloring.  I’m somewhat hooked on their color palette boundaries. I enjoyed painting this one very much; and while I began painting it for myself to hang in my bathroom for inspiration purposes, it doesn’t work well on the wall intended.  That means “Her Reflection” is going to have to hang on someone else’s wall. :)

“Her Reflection” is 50 cm x 70 cm (19.69″ x 27.56″) Acrylic on canvas.




March Update

I’m a bit slow on the painting and blogging. I’ve been recovering from knee surgery and other minor health issues. On the up side, I have one painting almost ready to reveal and another I’m working on which is so far coming out so, so beautiful, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to let it go because I’m feeling that emotional attachment coming… oh those are tough. :)

I hope to be back to normal soon!


Quote: Monica Bellucci on women’s relations to the real world

Italian actress, Monica Bellucci

Italian actress, Monica Bellucci

I came across a quote I just love by Monica Bellucci. What do you think? I think she’s head on. I also think world peace would be much easier to fulfill if women were in charge. And that’s just the start…

“Women’s relation to the real world is much stronger than men’s. It must be, because they’re the ones who give life; they’re the ones who bear children.” ~ Monica Bellucci


New Art: “Daydreaming”

My latest art is titled “Daydreaming”. You can read more about it on my newsletter link right here.


“Daydreaming” is an acrylic painting using Natural Earth Paint.

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Weekend Inspiration # 12: My Savannah Art Studio

Savannah art studio

Savannah art studio

This is my new art studio in the house. It’s in rather draft form, a few boxes hidden under the table and such but I’m still messing with where the furniture will look best around the house before making permanent changes. Besides that, look at that afternoon light! My Wiesbaden studio had nothing on that. It’s awesome to view and soak in. I absolutely love it and it’s boosting a great source of creativity. I’m even looking to add new art into my “Inspired by Marilyn Monroe” Collection.  I’ve found some new photographs of her I’ve not seen (thx Pinterest!).

While the art room needs some tweaking, its energy already inspired the creation of “Savannah” and a new painting you can see on the easel in the photo. I’ve not revealed it yet but that’s coming soon. I’ve found a good momentum so I’m working on several more paintings first before I post them. A little mystery is good, no? :)

“Longing” by Tagore on Valentine’s Day 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Here’s a beautiful poem by Rabindranath Tagore titled “Longing”.  I hope you enjoy.


He came and sat by my bed
But I didn’t wake up–
What a curse it is to sleep!
O miserable me!

He came when the night was still
With his harp in his hands
And the melodies he played
Sounded in my dreams.

Ah, why do I lose my nights?
Why do I miss the sight of him
Whose softest breath caresses my sleep?