New Art: Venus In Fur

Venus In Fur by Tatiana von Tauber

Venus In Fur by Tatiana von Tauber

Here’s my latest in new paintings, “Venus In Fur”. I painted her around the time of the 66th Annual Cannes Festival with the unveiling of film director, Roman Polinski’s movie adaptation of a screenplay by the same name.

Though the starring actress, Polinski’s wife, Emmanuelle Seigner showed up at the event in an amazing dress instead of fur, holding hands with her husband and co-star, actor Mathieu Amalric no less, I felt the various elements crossed quite well since the painting, the movie plot and Emmanuelle’s red dress, plus the photo of her with the two men contained sultry elements worthy of linking together.  Therfore, “Venus In Fur” she is.

Venus In Fur

Natural Earth Paint Acrylic on canvas

40x30cm (11in. x 15 3/4 in.) $245



New Art: The Girl from Ipanema

Now that you’ve seen my wild garden, which has been an inspiration behind some paintings recently, I’d like to introduce you to “The Girl from Ipanema”. Her inspiration came from the gorgeous blue skies I get to see each day and summer’s heat forcing one to take cover…all while I was comfortably painting in my air-conditioned home. :) When it comes to summer temperature comfort, I’m so glad to be back in America!

The title, if you don’t know, came from a Frank Sinatra’s popularized Bossa Nova song, “The Girl from Ipanema” and Ipanema is a neighborhood located in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro.  You can listen to the tune here:  I love listening to Bossa Nova tunes and my music choices often inspire my color palettes.  This painting definitely had sun and fun in mind.

“Girl from Ipanema”

50cm x 70cm (19.70″ x 27.56″)
Natural Earth Paint Acrylic on canvas

"The Girl from Ipanema"

“The Girl from Ipanema”




Photos: postcards from the wild garden

I’ve been spending a lot of time tending my garden since the onset of spring and in between a full summer schedule.  Pardon if I’ve left the reader feeling abandoned. I’ve been trying to not think or plan much but instead enjoy the moments of sunshine I’ve been longing for while in Wiesbaden. They’re here, right now and it’d be a shame to miss them.

I want to share with you some photos of my wildflower garden, (14 actually!) my daily inspiration of happiness since I planted in the spring and it’s had direct impact on my art and the directions I’m choosing to go.

Along with my flower garden postcards you can print or share, I’d like to accompany them with this wonderful quote:

“Nobody sees a flower, really – it is so small – we haven’t time, and to see takes time, like to be a friend takes time.” (Georgia O’Keeffe)

Flowers and nature are life’s simplistic beauty that we take for granted without realizing it. Our daily reality is so hung up on everything that is wrong with the world (and ourselves) that we forget to stop and enjoy the reality of what actually goes right, such as the simplicity of these blooms and “fruits of labor”, and friendships too.

Enjoy the postcards from my garden. Click photo to view larger. Save and share.

I’ll be back soon with new art I’ve painted to showcase. I’m just putting the finishing touches on them.
B_Garden_SunOpening B_Garden_Butterfly B_Garden_WebFlower B_Garden_SunFlower B_Garden_SunOpen B_Garden_SunClosed B_Garden_Tomato B_Garden_Magenta B_Garden_PurpleFlower B_Garden_SunBlue B_Garden_3Sun  B_Garden_full B_Garden_HotPink




When death must be used to contrast lives

I came back from a five-day business trip a few days ago that left my soul so relaxed I felt as I though I came back from a vacation. I couldn’t wait to share some of the highlights of my trip and my new paintings but very sadly, upon my return I learned a woman I had met several years ago – only twice but she made a positive imprint – committed suicide last week. It somewhat knocked the wind out of me for a few days because here I was enjoying Tennessee’s beautiful landscape while making positive connections with friends and new artists I met, contemplating potential future opportunities, feeling very connected and quite frankly, so happy wanted to come home to Savannah, pack up the family and move ASAP. Not quite literally but you know, I felt seeds thrown into the wind…as they bopped me on the head along their flight.

And sometime during my positive experience, trying to reconnect with nature and people and life, art and purpose and the Universe and everything so that I may embark on my next creative journey because I’ve got a slight stagnation going on, someone I had thought of on occasion over the past few years in a fond way was in so much turmoil she took her own life. That is a very painful darkness to surrender to and I am very sad to know she couldn’t pull through it. I really haven’t been in the mood to blog since my return. Sorry about the longer than expected absence.

Show Stopper Girls!

Showgirls playing chess between shows at Latin Quarter Nightclub

Showgirls playing chess between shows at Latin Quarter Nightclub

I found this photo series from Life Magazine of showgirls at work back in the 50s. It’s beautiful imagery I wanted to share with you.  You can see all 16 images here:


Retro Cosmo: Lucky Strikes and More

The last time I brought you “Retro Cosmo“, I introduced the sexual innuendos in advertising back in the mid 80s, which aren’t too much worse than today’s advertising.  Essentially, times hadn’t changed with regards to sex as a sale point.

This time I’m bringing you the “We’ve come a long way baby” campaign extended to the social change created in just a generation towards anti-smoking. I was on one of the last international flights with Delta back in oh almost 20 or so years ago (omg!) before they banned on-flight smoking.  Unfortunately I quite smoking about 4 years ago instead of 20 but the point is I did it. Quitting cigarettes takes effort but well worth it.



Ah, yeeeah. Sounds like a bad pick up line.


Love how this pic is so simple: just two girls hanging out all casual and all, because it’s the cigarettes where quality counts and hey, girls just want to have fun. (ok, fine, former smokers: yes, there are moments in the day where I still crave that simplicity)


That’s right, never settle for less, because less in this case would be in fact more. The less one smoked, the more one had life to live. Classy.